School Kids

Elementary children from a local school cheerfully wave their gloved hands as they prepare to pick veggies from the farm. This hands-on field trip teaches them about the connection between the land and the dinner table.


As part of Sacramento Community Based Coalition’s re-entry program, participants come two to three times a week to help pick surplus food in the fields for hungry families as part of their reintegration into society. They learn about farming, teamwork, and gain skills in furthering their employability.

Tractor Rides

Students participating in field trips enjoy a tractor ride tour around the 450 acre farm. They get to see where each crop is grown and ask lots of questions about working on a farm.

Gleaning the Fields

Student and adult volunteers pick surplus tomatoes left in the field. Picking tomatoes helps students make the connection between the soil and their dinner plate. This is as fresh as it gets.

Food for Hungry Families

On a gleaning day during the summer we sometimes have 40 people gleaning together. Many people come each season, volunteering their time to gather food for hungry families.

Field Trips

During the instruction portion of the elementary students’ field trip, instructors teach the principles of sowing and reaping. Information covered also includes the region’s history, geography, seeds, healthy soil, planting, irrigation, and harvesting.


This Helping Hands Produce display set up at Davis Ranch Produce festivals to inform the local community of its work.

Food Bank Supplier

Through our collaboration with other organizations, we are able to send the surplus produce to many distribution centers and food banks around northern California. This is how the variety of produce picked by our volunteers gets to families who need it.

Super Volunteer

This volunteer has been with Helping Hands Produce for six years. Once you come to participate you will catch the excitement of getting dirty, picking vegetables, and serving the community by gathering food for the hungry.

We Need Your Help to Pick Fresh Produce to Send to those in Need.

Much of the nutrient rich surplus fruits and vegetables rot and die in the field because the yield is more than can be sold at Davis Ranch Produce stand at any one time. The non-profit Helping Hands Produce was formed to get more of Davis Ranch’s unpicked produce out of the fields and to those who need it most. We need your help to pick the food and pack it in boxes, so we can donate it to the hungry.

We Supply Food Banks Serving Sacramento County and Surrounding Areas.

Helping Hands Produce Food Bins

We Supply Food Banks Serving Sacramento County and Surrounding Areas. Large bins of produce with a variety of fruit and vegetables are delivered to many area food banks.

Here’s How You Can Help.

Volunteer Yourself, Bring Other Volunteers, or Donate Resources.

Boxed up food made possible by volunteers

  • In just 2-3 short hours you can put food on the tables of children, the elderly and others who need it now.
  • Bring volunteers from your organization, church, or school to pick this nutritious unsold produce.
  • Your financial support will greatly help to enhance this program and to offset expenses.